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Spectrum Scoreboards proudly manufactures volleyball scoreboards for all competition levels including youth, high school, competitive play in addition to the collegiate level. Basketball or multisport LED scoreboards are often used in place of dedicated volleyball scoreboards.

Volleyball scoreboard customizations can include sets won, possessions, previous set scores and team names. Spectrum Scoreboards also offers custom volleyball displays that feature team members with their points, fouls, and other important game statistics. Our LED volleyball scoreboards feature SpectraShields™, which provides digit protection.

Other customization features offered include:

  • Possession and Double-Bonus Indicators
  • Choice of LED digit colors
  • Outlined letters
  • Choice of colors and style for border striping


Learn more about our volleyball scoreboards, available in a variety of sizes.

Please contact us if you have any questions about the options we offer, such as colors, clock striping, captions, controllers, etc.