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Home Product Models Volleyball Scoreboard Model: 4241

A more robust option than the prior model, this 10' wide indoor volleyball scoreboard is much the same funcationality and displays, with the notable addition of the bottom panel. Divided into quadrants - representing the best-of-five or first-to-three nature of sets - the cumulative game recap panels are part-caption (digit, H and V)and part-LED, with the final score of each set shown here in contrasting red for home and amber for visitor. 

The Past Sets Displays, along with the Won-Games-Won Display directly above it, lights up the gymnasium with hypervivid 9" tall SpectraBrite™ LED Digits, and the more immediately crucial displays (Game Clock, Home Score, Visitor Score) top a foot in heighth, with 14" sharply-defined digits absolutely packed with LEDs, meaning that your board will look as vibrant and crisp in coming years as it did that first day when it was hung and tested (all LED components rated for 100,000 hours).

Volleyball is a statistically dense sport, with opportunities to log a couting stat like a Dig, Block, Assist or Ace coming fast and furious, with no theoretical upper-limit. It is difficult for fans, or anyone not practiced at scoring volleyball, to mentally track those kinds of accumulating data or even get a sense for them generally. Eliminate any confusion or ignorance by adding additional displays to make that information readily available to everyone in the gym. 

Dimensions 10'W x 5'H x 5"D