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Home Product Models Volleyball Scoreboard Model: 4230

This 10' wide iteration of the indoor volleyball scoreboard covers all the statistical display basics, with your choice of red, amber, white LEDs or any combination thereof. The most vital displays - Home Score, Visitor Score and the centrally-set Game Clock - feature 14" tall digits in Spectrum's proprietary SpectraBrite™ configuration, which also powers the slightly smaller Games Won display and its 9" tall digits. With SpectraBrite™, there is no seat in your gym from which the game information is not immediately readable, nor is there any lighting condition, day or night, that would dull the vibrancy of the displays. 

The Time Outs Left displays, situated immediately below each team's Score display, represents the number remaining with a bullseye indicator, an elegant, at-a-glance method that helps this scoreboard remain aesthetically sleek, despite the amount of useful game data it is communicating. 

Dimensions 10'W x 3'H x 5"D