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Thousands of school and college campuses rely on Watchfire outdoor marquees as a broadcasting beacon to their communities. Watchfire has led the way, designing and manufacturing a wide array of custom-built, long lasting, brilliant full color LED displays.

Your marquee is a hub at the intersection of many different, busy lives. It is the best and most effective way to communicate with your students, parents, and community.

Our electronic sign offerings are equipped to support any event or venue. From vibrant scoreboards to outdoor electronic school signs and more, we can provide a custom-tailored solution to your specific request. Watchfire has a dedicated network of experienced sign company professionals to help guide you through the purchasing process and sign ownership.

Outdoor Marquees

Watchfire's outdoor LED signs offer beautiful curbside information for your audience. Each outdoor sign is custom designed and carefully crafted to provide many years of dependable service. 

No matter your audience, your sign is often the first touchpoint for potential students and families, etc. You want that sign to convey not only important messages and notifications but also your identity, character, and brand.

Effectively communicate with students, parents, and the community.


Craft the Perfect Message Every Time with Ignite OPx

The marquee's Watchfire Ignite OPx software also allows you to fully customize your LED display for broadcasting your message. Boost visibility and your facility's attractiveness to potential viewers.


Watchfire's Outdoor LED Signs Offer Superior Impact and Awareness

When you consider your return on investment, LED signs will put you way ahead of the game. Electronic signs are the most cost effective form of advertising, increasing sales and public awareness today. They add value to your location and become your private broadcaster for attracting attention, new customers, and impulse visits.