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Home Product Models Baseball Scoreboard Model: 9414

This 14' wide outdoor scoreboard by Spectrum Scoreboards is a versatile, durable addition to any sports program's assets. With the MS-250 control scoring console, the board can be configured to score basetball, softball, football, soccer and track, and the pictured displays include LED Digital Displays for Game Clock/Time of Day Clock (top center), Home Score, Visitor Score and Inning, with bullseye indicators for the Baseball Count and Hit/Error. Between the Premium Polyurethane Finish and 1/8” lexan SpectraShields™ protecting the LED components, all of which are rated for 100,000+ hours of use, this scoreboard will continue to function as flawlessly as it did on Day One for many years, and look striking while doing so. Talk to a Spectrum Scoreboards representative about how customization can help this scoreboard reflect the aesthetic and philosophy of your athletic programs.

Dimensions: 14'W x 9'H x 5"D