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ME3 Software Support for Horizon LED Signs

I just re-installed my Media Editor 3 software and it is asking me for an access key.

At one point, Media Editor 3 was a license regulated software. We have since changed to an open activation of your software through a web update.

If you get the screen for an access key, close out of all Media Editor 3 screens, then re-open the application. If you are connected to the web, your software will update and activate automatically. If you have a more recent disc, you will not require this patch.

Is Media Editor 3 the only program I can use for making my LED sign messages?

No, you are not required to use Media Editor 3 for creating your led sign content. ME3 is an easy-to-use software that allows you to make your movies to the correct led sign size.

If you have another program that can create AVI or MPEG files, feel free to try it as an alternative; you may be more comfortable with it. You can also create text and import images in the UserEnd software, however, it will not have any animated functions for the text and images.


Does it matter what LED sign type I choose when I start a new movie?

Yes. You want to make sure that you match your LED sign type to the LED sign that you have. If you do not use the correct LED sign type, it could cause your movies to look dark or dim.


If you have a red LED sign that displays in 256 shades of red, be sure to pick “Red 256 Shades”.

If it's a full color LED sign, select RGB Full Color.


What file formats can I import and use in Media Editor 3?

Media Editor 3 can utilize the most common media file types for both images and videos.

Video: AVI, MPEG

The end result of your exported media editor movie will be in a video format, such as AVI or MPEG.
The AVI and MPEG file is what you will send to your sign with the UserEnd Software.

My Word Art Text is blurry. How can I fix it?

There is a default property of word art that is called Antialiasing. It is set to smooth the edges of the font, but it may cause some fonts and sizes to blur.

To turn Antialiasing off:

  • Select the word art box you want to fix
  • Find the Antialiasing property on the right hand side of your screen
  • Change the value from Smooth to None


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