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Spectrum Offers More LEDs Per Digit
on Our Scoreboards

Our SpectraLite™ digits are extra bright with more LEDs per digit than anyone in the scoreboard industry. The solid stroke design creates a clear, easy-to-read, more enjoyable viewing experience.

SpectraLite digits offer:

  • Superior brightness
  • Long-lasting performance (100,000 hours)
  • Wide angle 160° visibility
  • Solid stroke LED digits are easier to read
  • Low power usage
  • Low maintenance design
  • Only Spectrum offers SpectraLite LED digits




Which LED digit style is best for my scoreboard?

Advanced SpectraLite™ LED Digit Technology

Available in four styles to fit your scoreboard budget and needs.




The slim-line design of this super bright LED digit is economical, yet configured with more LEDs per digit than many competitors, making its design a superior choice.




Offers twice the number of LEDs than competitors, this digit displays brighter, clearer numerals, better daytime readability and wider viewing angle.




Provides the impact your stadium deserves. This double-stroke digit is the widest stroke in the industry. Used on the clock and scores of our larger scoreboards.


This digit set
improves your quick readability on scoreboards Ultra-Bold digits are used for key game information, while SpectraBrite digits are used on all other numerals.


Important Tips!

When you shop for LED digits, be sure to ask how many LEDs come per digit.

A lot of your scoreboard expense is based on the number of LEDs you purchase. The height of the digit and the number of LEDs helps determine how well your fans can view the scores.

Make sure your scoreboard has the correct LED digit size.

Spectrum's LED digits are exactly within the viewing specifications or larger in order to prevent squinting. Your supporters are guaranteed to have a more pleasant viewing experience with our SpectraLite™ LED digits.

How do other LED digits compare to SpectraLite™ LED digits?

SpectraLite™ LED Digits are Designed to be Read Quickly

Our SpectraLite LED digits are engineered using an 8-segment solid stroke design that provides exceptional readability and an up-to-date look for your scoreboard. The extra-wide 160° viewing angle makes the digits quicker and easier to read.

SpectraLite's crisp sharp edges make the solid stroke design superior to the dated look of the LED bar segmented digit design. This is especially true when viewed at sharp angles or in direct sunlight.

SpectraLite LED digits' long-lasting performance is guaranteed for 10 years.


Are SpectraLite™ LED digits cost effective?

SpectraLite™ LED Scoreboard Digits Are Designed to Save You Money

To maximize your energy savings, we make an auto dimming feature available for all our scoreboards. The built-in optical sensor monitors the brightness level of the environment and automatically adjusts the intensity of the LED digits in the scoreboard.


To put it simply, during bright sunlit days, the LED digits automatically brighten to full power, cutting through direct sunlight, while during evening and night games, they automatically dim down to make it easier on the eyes to read.


What are my scoreboard LED digit color choices?

You're in charge!

Select your Scoreboard LED Digit Colors

Choose LED digit colors for your scoreboard. Options include all red, all amber, or a combination of both. Here are a few tips to help you decide:




A super bright LED that offers the absolute best readability in direct sunlight.



A brilliant, yet eye-pleasing LED color that looks great day or night.


Standard Combination

A mix of amber and red LED digits. Game information is less cluttered and easier to read. Most models are shown with critical game information in red LED's and all other information in amber LED's.


Reverse Combination

Simply take our standard combination, and reverse it. Critical game information in amber LEDs, and all other digits are red LEDs for the same quick readability of vital game information.


Your Combination

Create a color combination that fits your needs at no additional cost to you.


How do you protect 'indoor' scoreboard LED digits?

Spectrum Protects your LEDs with SpectraShields™
Durable Protection and Superior Brightness!

As standard equipment, our indoor scoreboards are protected with clear, unbreakable SpectraShields.

SpectraShields are so durable that it eliminates the need for distracting nets and unsightly cages. They even enhance the brilliant clarity of each LED digit while improving wide angle visibility.

Only SpectraShields:

  • Durable protection withstands hostile environments
  • Improves wide angle visibility and LED brightness
  • Enhances the beauty of your scoreboard
  • Maintenance free
  • Only Spectrum offers SpectraShields

Guaranteed for the life of your scoreboard.




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