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Why do my messages look fine in UserEnd preview, but distort while playing on my LED sign?

If you come across distortion like this you need to check a few settings between UserEnd and Media Editor 3.

Check your sign size.

Make sure your LED sign size is correct in both UserEnd and Media Editor 3.
If you try to cram a 160 x 80 movie into 128 x 24 sign, it won't display properly.

Manage your tokens.

Make sure you do not stretch your tokens to make them bigger.
Always use the font button to change the size and font type properly.

My temperature token is only reading 77-degrees in UserEnd and it is a lot colder/hotter outside.

Correct. The temperature token will only show 77-degrees in the software to give you an idea of what it will look like on the sign.

If you have a temperature probe attached to your sign, it will start displaying actual temperatures once it is sent to the sign. Check with a tech support representative to verify that your sign has a temperature probe.

What file formats can I import and use in UserEnd?

UserEnd can utilize the most common media file types for both images and videos.


You can even use a third-party software to create these media files.
To elimate problems, be sure you keep your media as close to your sign size as possible.

What is the difference in the 3 schedule types: Date Schedule, Week Schedule and File Schedule?

File Schedule is the most in depth way to schedule messages. You can have multiple messages playing for as long as you want and they repeat the same weekly schedule. For example, you can have one or more messages play every day, Monday thru Friday - 6:00 am to 10:00 pm, for over a year.

Date and Week Schedule structures are very similar. While using the Date or Week Schedule you may have a different message(s) for every day of the week, but the message(s) will only play for the one day that it is set up for. The difference between the two is that the Week Schedule can only do 1 week at a time, as opposed to Date Schedule which can do months at a time. Week Schedule may not be in your version of UserEnd if you have version or later.

What are the buttons at the top, numbered 1 thru 5, used for?

Those buttons are called Hotkey’s. HotKeys are most commonly used for sports applications, where instant messages are often used throughout the duration of a game. If you click on the [More...] button, you will see that there is actually a total of 100 programmable HotKey’s.

To program HotKeys, select a key, go to settings and find a file that you want to use. Do this for each HotKey you want to set. Once you have them all loaded onto the key’s, you must [Send Hotkey Files] to store them in the sign controller. After they are stored, you can click any HotKey and [Send] to automatically display that message on your sign.


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