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My supervisor is really impressed with the sign and the opportunities it gives us to communicate to all entering Colex facility. Installation went smooth. Everyone I dealt with was very professional. When we did have a minor glitch with the sign, the repairman (Russell) came out the next day and fixed the sign in a few minutes. I’ll gladly recommend you guys to other sites we have in the Texas and Louisiana areas.


Larry Belcher



As you know since that big storm that came through a couple weeks ago, we have been having intermittent problems with our sign. Mike & Doug have been working on the problem and determined it was a bad controller which they ordered a new one.

Well today (Friday)  about 4:30, I noticed the sign was off again, I went out to troubleshoot & noticed the computer was blinking an orange light. I know that means something has failed in the computer. I called Mike Riley today (Friday) about 4:50pm & told him the problem. Within 5 min, Doug arrived & took the computer to your shop. In about 20 minutes Doug called me and said he was on his way back. He had basically replaced the video card, & other internal parts, basically a new computer. I re-uploaded my file & the sign was up and running. I appreciate the quickness & quality of the service and especially on a Friday evening.

Great service & Great job!A very happy client!


Steele Rohde, Technical Director

CT Church


We've purchased 2 new scoreboards from Spectrum. Spectrum Scoreboards provides the best service in the business. They always made me feel like their only customer.


Chuck Langston, Athletic Director/Head Football Coach

Trinity Independent School District


Its eye-catching beauty is noticeable in the community, and I have received many compliments both in person and by phone calls expressing admiration for its professional appearance. The LED digits can be seen just as well during the day as they can at night, and the control console is extremely user friendly. The sales representative and installation technicians were friendly and professional, and they took great pride in working.


Tim Kyle, Athletic Director

Rosepine High School


Anadarko Public Schools have purchased several Spectrum Scoreboards over the past years. We have been impressed with workmanship, quality, and reliability of the boards. The major point in purchasing Spectrum Scoreboards is the service we get on our boards. Should we have a problem, no matter how small, we get immediate attention and our problems have always been solved. I can recommend Spectrum Scoreboards without reservations and have been a satisfied customer.


Tom Cantrell, Superintendent

Anadarko Public Schools



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