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Spectrum Builds Horizon™ Outdoor Electronic Signs
for Church, School, Community or Business

horizon-outdoor-electronic-signs-productsShown are examples of Spectrum's numerous outdoor electronic sign installations.

Horizon™ Electronic LED Displays and Outdoor Letter Signs offer beautiful curb-side information for your audience. Each outdoor sign is custom designed and carefully crafted to provide many years of dependable service.


  • High quality solid cabinet construction
  • Smart Pixel™ LED technology
  • Embossed pan style face adds strength
  • Superior color longevity
  • Graphics protected inside sign face
  • Fully front serviceable displays
  • Cool operation
  • Aluminum extrusion framework


Horizon™ Outdoor Electronic LED Signs offer Superior Impact and Awareness


When you consider your return on investment, Horizon™ Electronic LED Signs will put you way ahead of the game. Electronic signs are the most cost effective form of advertising, increasing sales and public awareness today. They add value to your location and become your private broadcaster for attracting attention, new customers and impulse visits.


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