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Horizon™ Electronic LED Display
Software for Outdoor Signs


Create animations the way you like using our high quality Horizon™ electronic display content software. Our Horizon™ software comes packed with many new features that will get you up and running quickly.

Powerful, yet simplistic:

  • Create dynamic movie files with timeline effects
  • Pop-up menus, and frame templates
  • Transition from basic movies to advanced concepts



Software and Services

Full color and 256 shades - Horizon Electronic LED Display Software

Deliver Powerful and Effective Animations to your Electronic LED Display



  • Manage Simple Timeline Effects
  • Schedule Messages and Animations
  • Add your text to included Animations and Backgrounds
  • Design Gradients, Fill Effects and Patterns
  • Select from Multiple Transition Effects and Combinations
  • Import Graphic Animations, Movies and Pictures
  • View Messages Before Displaying

16 shades - Horizon Electronic LED Display Software

Easily create a message schedule for your Electronic LED Display


  • Display current Date, Time and Temperature
  • Edit Text Message Frames
  • Create Simple Animations
  • Schedule Messages and Animations
  • View Messages Before Displaying



Software Training for Content Creation on your Electronic LED Display

Create dynamic animation and content on your Electronic LED Display

Horizon Electronic LED Display Software is easy to learn and use. Spectrum also provides complete training and phone support to help you with your animation and content creation. If needed, we can help you create a few of your own animations so you're up and ready to go.


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