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Spectrum baseball scoreboard with Electronic Message Display and Sponsor signs features extra-large amber and red Ultra-Bold LED digits, oval and curve border striping, 2-colors for trim and lettering, Team Name, outlined letters and mascot.

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Shown with Electronic Message Display, Sponsor signs, pole wraps and truss. Includes: At Bat, Hit/Error and Total Hits and Errors. Features Ultra-Bold LED digits, Mascot in place of Home, standard and outlined letters with oval and curve border striping.

Product rating:

Electronic Message Display, truss, pole wraps, and flags are mounted to the top of this 7-inning baseball line scoreboard. Includes Hits and Error displays and Ultra-Bold and SpectraBrite™ LED digits in red and amber. Shown with extra-large mascot.

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9-inning baseball scoreboard shown with custom 2-tone finish, Electronic Message Display, custom letters, mascots, flags and Time of Day Clock display. Features red and amber LED digits with oval and curve border striping in a second color and Team Name.

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This 10-inning baseball scoreboard comes with large LED digits, At Bat, Hit/Error and Total Hits/Errors. Shown with Electronic Message display, Stadium sign with mascot, sponsor signs, custom 2-tone finish and outlined letters.

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Internally illuminated sponsor signs, transitional truss, custom stadium sign with mascots. Baseball scoreboard shown with Electronic Team Names, Time of Day Clock, large LED digits, and custom 2-tone finish.

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