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9632-10-educators-credit-unionCustomize Your Horizon™ Outdoor Signs

Our sign cabinets come in three popular face styles and constructed from options you choose. These long lasting sign faces will even withstand harsh environments.


ID Sign Face:


Flat Surface
Smooth flat finish makes the face of this sign easy to read.


Pan Style
Raised outer edges adds strengthen to the sign face


Raised graphics, text, and edges adds strength to the sign while making it easier to view at an angle


Cabinet Size:

Available in most any height X width.

- Common Heights: 24", 30", 36"
- Common Widths: 8'-0", 10'-0"

Number of Sides:

- Single-Sided Sign
- Double-Sided Sign


- Illuminated Sign (lights inside cabinet)
- Non-Illuminated Sign (no cabinet lights)
Cabinet Finish:

Perma-Coat with UV Inhibitors
- Extends life of Polyurethane or Vinyl
- Provides scratch resistance
- Creates a deep lusterus finish


ID Sign Colors:

- 3 solid colors
- 4+ solid colors
- Full color (photograhic)


Quick facts about our sign cabinets:

How durable are Horizon™ outside sign faces?

Our Horizon™ outdoor sign faces are designed not to break

We use a vacuum forming process that applies graphics to the inside face or second surface of the sign. Computerized routers raise the graphics to create an embossed finish. This method strengthens and protects your Sign Face from vandalism, airborne elements yellowing, fading, or peeling.


  • Durable Pan Style Polycarbonate material
  • UV Protected to withstand harsh environments
  • Graphics applied and protected inside
  • Emboss Graphics are:
    • Easier to read
    • Increases wide viewing angles
    • Better viewing when illuminated at night
  • Guaranteed against breakage for 10 years

Will the graphics on the sign face face crack or peel?

Horizon™ outdoor sign faces are designed to prevent cracking, peeling and fading

We use two methods to apply graphics to the inside or second surface of the sign.

  1. Vinyl Graphics - a durable plastic material that provides solid even coverage
  2. Acrylic Paint - high quality product adheres to the inside face of the sign and resists deteriorating


How strong are the outside sign cabinet?





Our sign cabinets are constructed using heavy-duty dent resistant aluminum

These attractive cabinets are built as a single-unit to withstand extreme weather conditions while offering great curb appeal.


Available in any color.
Our outdoor signs come protected by our Premium Polyurethane finish with UV inhibitors for added strength and durability.



How bright will the outdoor sign faces light up?

Our illuminated outdoor sign faces
offer exceptional lighting

We install the maximum allowable high-output GE HO fluorescent lights inside the frame to prevent shadows or dark areas when the sign is illuminated.



Create and submit artwork for your signs:

What artwork services to you provide for outdoor signs?

Our graphics department reproduces artwork based on your specifications,
or you can request a new design to fit your image.

Reproducing Your Artwork:

  1. Provide digital files plus a laser print or fax
  2. Label colors and any important information
  3. Extra cost applies on redrawn images

Requesting A New Design:

  1. Send us your ideas and any logos
  2. Provide a laser print or fax if necessary
  3. Tell us what colors you want to use
  4. Relax. We'll do the rest and send you a proof for approval

How do I prepare my artwork for sign reproduction?

Artwork should be scaled to fit the height X width of the sign area

This check list will help you prepare ready-to-use artwork.

Bleeds: Extend background colors 1-inch past print area
Colors: Convert all colors to CMYK (4-color process). Metallic and Fluorescent colors are not available.
Fonts: Convert fonts to outlines, paths, curves, or include the fonts with your the job.
Links: Include linked images as hi-res cmyk files
File Size:

Is determined by your image type:

  • Raster images are non-editable images similar to a photograph.
    Submit as a hi-res (300dpi) image at actual size.
  • Vector images are editable illustrations.
    This is the preferred format artwork should be scaled to fit the sign space.

What file format do need to reproduce my sign artwork?

This list outlines the file formats we use for reproducing sign artwork.

Adobe Illustrator
Vector art saved as:
Adobe Photoshop Raster art, actual size, saved as: .jpg
Gerger Omega Vector art saved as: .plt

How do I send digital files for sign reproduction?

When you sign artwork is ready for reproduction, you can submit it through the internet.

Options generally include:

  1. Email artwork to your sales representative
  2. Upload larger files to our ftp site


Contact your sales representative for details on the best way to submit your digital files.


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