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LED Video Displays

How much are LED video displays?

Video displays range broadly depending on size and resolution. We’ve installed indoor video projects that were under $100k and outdoor video projects that were well over $1M. Generally speaking, an indoor video screen doesn’t need to be as large as one installed outdoors but it will need a higher resolution, mostly due to viewing distances. Most outdoor video screen installations average around $500k for a full package that also includes the production equipment necessary for a video control room.


What size video displays do you have?

Our LED video displays can be configured in a multitude of sizes, but our more standard-sized outdoor Horizon Pro™ video displays range from roughly 10’-0"H x 13'-6"’W up to 16’-0"H x 29’-0"W.

Can the video display do instant replay?

All of our video displays are capable of showing an instant replay. A common misconception is that the replay process is done using the video screen. Not true. The replay process is actually created using video production equipment.

Can the video display be used as a scoreboard?

Yes. For this application our Spectrum MSX scoreboard controller is mated with our video control equipment then output to the screen. This allows you to score any sport, make the scoreboard any color, include team names and/or mascots, all digitally, and the scoring information – most importantly the clock – is updated on the screen in real time and changes occur as quickly as you push the button.

Do you provide the cameras and production equipment?

Yes. We normally always provide the video display equipment. If you already have some or all of this equipment, we can integrate our screen using some or all of your existing equipment.

Do you do stadium sound systems?

Yes. We provide stadium sound systems with over 90% of our video scoreboard installations.


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