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Horizon Outdoor LED Signs

How much are Horizon™ Outdoor LED Signs?

Our Horizon™ LED Signs can range from around $10k for a small and/or single-sided sign to well over $100k for huge, tight-resolution, full-color projects.


Can we put our name on the marquee ID sign face?

Absolutely. Since we’re a manufacturing facility, we can fabricate your identification sign in a variety of sizes, styles, custom-shapes, colors, backlit or not, in any color and in a number of different materials.


Can we replace our existing outdoor sign with an electronic LED display?

The short answer is ‘yes’, however, it’s important that we survey the existing cabinet(s) and support structure to determine whether or not they’re capable of receiving a Horizon™ Outdoor LED Sign retrofit.


What size electronic LED displays do you have?

We have small single-line, single-color units all the way up to large, full-color video screens and full-color, non-video billboard displays.


What color do the electronic LED displays come in?

Our standard units come in Red LEDs,  Amber LEDs, or full-color RGB LEDs.


How easy is it to program messages to the electronic LED display?

Very easy. Beginners who are computer savvy will be sending messages to the sign within 15 minutes of start up.

How do we send messages to the electronic LED display?

Our Horizon™ software packages use your computer to communicate with your LED display via ethernet cable, fiber optic cable, various wireless units, telephone or our simple message-loader system.


How are Horizon™ Outdoor LED Signs installed?

Our signs can be installed using either a pole structure in concrete or anchor bolts in concrete. Your local wind codes will help us determine which method is best for you.


How much power is needed to operate the Horizon™ Outdoor Sign?

Our Horizon™ Outdoor LED Signs can run on either 120VAC or 240VAC power and they only need between 30-40 amps in most cases. Average power usage is around 12-15 amps of 120VAC.


Who do we call to service our Horizon™ Outdoor Signs?

You call Spectrum. We have a network of service resources across the country.


Do outdoor signs need permits?

In most cases yes. You will need to call your local municipality to see what the zoning regulations state.



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