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Electronic LED Scoreboards

How long do your scoreboards last?

Spectrum Scoreboards are the most durable and well-built scoreboards available today. You can easily expect 10-15 years on outdoor scoreboards and up to 30 years on indoor scoreboards.

What is your scoreboard warranty?

5-years parts with a 10-year guarantee on LED digits and finish.

How soon can you ship a scoreboard?

Typical shipping time is 2-3 weeks. Custom scoreboards with sponsor signs ship in 4-5 weeks after design and artwork approval.

How do we get service for our scoreboard?

Contact your local Spectrum Sports Dealer for your area or call our Service Department at 800-392-5050.

Why don't you show prices for your scoreboards?

We are a custom scoreboard manufacturer offering many different models and options. Your price depends on the options you choose for your scoreboard. When we understand your project, we can help you determine which models will fit your budget and program.

Do you offer wireless-radio scoreboard controllers?

Yes, all of our scoreboards can operate on the same wireless radio system.

What features come standard on your scoreboards?

We offer more standard features than any other manufacturer including:

What type of finish do you use on your scoreboard?

All our scoreboards are finished in our premium three-part polyurethane finish, superior to automotive paint. We also offer our exclusive Perma-Coat finish that increases the life of your graphics, protects your finish, and enhances the overall look of your scoreboard.

Can I make changes to the scoreboard?

Yes. Most of our customers want to personalize their scoreboard and like the flexibility and custom options we offer such as:

Do you offer outdoor video displays?

Yes, all of are custom video scoreboard projects are designed to meet your requirements.
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