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Our electronic displays are bright enough to be seen in any given light condition, while at the same time, not so bright that it blinds people.

NIT Comparison Chart

Computer Monitor 100 NIT
Plasma Display 400 NIT
Television 400 NIT
Video wall using large rear projection cubes 1000 NIT
Video wall using small rear projection cubes 2000 NIT
Indoor LED video display 1000 - 2000 NIT
External LED video display 4000 - 7000 NIT
Clear Sky Luminance 8000 NIT
Horizon™ Electronic Message Display up to 11000 NIT

The brightness of full color animation screens are measured in NITs because each pixel uses several different colored LEDs of varying brightness.


NIT is a method of measuring the brightness of a surface area which means that it gives a true measurement of impact and also allows comparison to other display types, such as: plasmas, computer monitors, incandescent bulbs, etc.


The actual definition of NIT is candelas (not milliCandelas) per square meter.


Spectrum's Horizon Electronic
Message Displays cut through direct
sunlight using up to 11000 NITs.


An important subject related to brightness is contrast ratio.

nits-diagramThis is defined as the ratio between the brightness of an electronic display when lit and un-lit. The higher the contrast ratio, the better the display. The main factor that affects the contrast ratio is natural light reflecting off both the electronic display fascia and the actual LEDs themselves.

Horizon™ Electronic Displays enhance the contrast with:

  • sun visors over individual pixels
  • fascias coated with diffuser
  • LEDs / boards angled slightly downwards
  • LED boards treated with a proprietary matt surface


Formula to Figure Your Active Area

Based on a 20mm, 112x32 pixel display

First: Convert inches to mm (1" = 25.4 mm)

Next: To figure Width X Height = Active Area


pixel x pitch ÷ 25.4 mm = inches ÷ 12 = feet
112x20 = 2240 ÷ 25.4
= 88.188976 ÷ 12 = 7.35 feet wide
32x20 = 640 ÷ 25.4 = 25.19685 ÷ 12 = 2.09 feet height

Total active area = 7.35 feet wide X 2.09 feet height


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