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Smart Pixels™ can best be explained by
thinking in terms of a 'dot of light'.

smart-pixelsThese dots are made of a cluster of Light-Emitting Diodes (LEDs) to make a single pixel or light.

Spectrum's Smart Pixels™ come in a cluster of 2 to 5 LEDs per pixels in either RGB full color, Red or Amber.




How are Pixels used to determine the size
of an Electronic LED Display?

If you needed an 8032 display, you are actually saying you need:


80 pixels wide
X 32 pixels deep

Totals 2560 pixels


Now, if your pixel cluster has 5 LEDs per pixel, then your pixel density is actually:


2560 pixels
X 5 LEDs per pixel

Totals 128000 LEDs in the display




The total number of LEDs per pixel X the number of LEDs per square meter = the total LED Density.


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