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Not a problem. This chart will give you a better idea of what we are talking about. For a better understanding, our scoreboard sales department can help you.

Basic Word Terminology:
Raster Image:
Non-editable illustration, similar to a photograph.
Image will pixelate (become jagged) if over sized.
File Format: jpg, eps, tif, bmp, pdf, psd
Vector Image:
Editable illustration. Does not lose its resolution and can be any size.
Created in: Illustrator, Freehand, CorelDraw, Gerber

Low-Res Image:
72dpi –150dpi images.
Used for: computer presentations, color or laser prints, web images, etc.
Hi-Res Image:
300dpi or higher images.
Used for: offset printing for brochures, mailers, signage, etc.
dpi Used to describe the resolution number of dots per inch in a digital print and the printing resolution of a hard copy print dot gain.
In the print industry, resolution can mean your image will either pixelate and fall apart, or it will be clean, sharp, and crisp. If you are providing your own artwork, the resolutions listed below will help you understand how to make sure your artwork turns out perfect everytime.
Print Resolutions:
72dpi Used for laser printing. Web images print well at actual size.
85dpi Used for printing newspapers and other large format media.
300dpi Used for offset printing of catalogs, flyers, postcards, signage, etc.
600dpi Used for offset printing of magazines which provides sharper images
Scan Resolutions:
300dpi Use on color or greyscale images
1200dpi Use on lineart or bmp (black & white images)
2400dpi Use on lineart or bmp (provides sharper images)


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