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Spectrum Scoreboards are the most sought after scoreboards on the market today. They are well known for their rugged construction, dependable performance and superior finish.

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Spectrum's high definition video display with Smart Pixel™ technology for enhanced resolution and superior image vectoring. Inspiring and unique video scoreboard designs that simply outperforms.

Product rating:

Spectrum’s high resolution video displays vivid colors and detail. Scoreboard is shown with a 2-tone finish, extra large mascot, Electronic Team Names, sponsor signs, truss, custom letters and flags.

Product rating:

Features high resolution video display, electronic team names, full stadium sound system, stadium name and sponsor signs. Decorative truss, pole structure, design elements finished in matching color.

Product rating:

Mid-size football scoreboard with high resolution video display provides big game experience in an affordable package. Shown with sponsor signs, transitional truss, custom stadium sign, 2-tone finish, full color mascot, oval clock striping and 3-color sha

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