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Baseball Scoreboards

Spectrum Scoreboards are the most sought after scoreboards on the market today. Well known for their rugged construction, dependable performance and superior finish. Comes packed with many options and features like:

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Product rating:

Extra-wide 10-inning baseball scoreboard has all the features needed for university-level programs. Shown with large red and amber LED digits, curve borders. Electronic Team Names, At Bat, Miles Per Hour, Time of Day Clock displays or mascot are optional.

Product rating:

Extra-wide 10-inning baseball scoreboard, shown with large red and amber Ultra-Bold LED digits, 2 colors for trim and lettering, Electronic Team Names, and curve-style borders.

Product rating:

Extra-wide baseball scoreboard with 10-innings. Large red and amber LED digits, custom 2-tone finish, 2 colors for trim and lettering, and oval and curved borders. Shown with Electronic Team Names and Time of Day clock display.

Product rating:

Internally illuminated sponsor signs, transitional truss, custom stadium sign with mascots. Baseball scoreboard shown with Electronic Team Names, Time of Day Clock, large LED digits, and custom 2-tone finish.

Product rating:

Video display, full-color electronic message display, internally illuminated sponsor signs, truss, custom design stadium sign, and wind directional flags. Shown with Electronic Team names, large LED digits, and custom 2-tone finish.

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